Nice Reply - Få automatiserade kundomdömen

Integrate a favorite customer feedback application into your helpdesk environment.

What is Nicereply ?

Nicereply is a cloud-based customer satisfaction analytics tool created by Websupport. Nicereply lets recipients rate your emails and submit free-form comments. A simple link in the signature guides recipients to the Nicereply feedback form. It also tracks performance for each sender and lets you compare it against others' ratings and across time.

How it works ?

Activating Nicereply plugin in LiveAgent will help to get to know how customers are satisfied with your customer support and will reduce risk of having negative reviews about your company. By following a simple link generated with Nicereply, customers can give feedback on your help desk agents.


Mr. Unknown Person starts chatting with you through a LiveAgent live chat button on your website. He asks several questions and you or your live chat agent answer. Unfortunately, Mr. Person is not very satisfied with the answer and he wants to write a bad review about your company somewhere public. Then he sees a feedback link so he gives up writing a review and decides to give you feedback through Nicereply. Now you can analyze how your support agents behave and how your customers are satisfied.

How to integrate NiceReply with LiveAgent ?

First, you need to have an active Nicereply account. If you do, copy the follow-up feedback link to your ticket response template and confirm edits. For more details on the integration process, visit our Knowledge Base topic on How to integrate LiveAgent with Nicereply.