Integrera chatt i mobilappar

This basic guide shows how to add LiveAgent chat into your own Android or iOS mobile app. (Article is for Android and iOS developers)

If GET parameters are used the chat window opens for whole browser (in popup mode).

Available GET Parameters:

cwid - mandatory - valid ID of the chat widget from the LiveAgent, you can find it in the integration script, which is being used on the page. Here is example of widget ID:

function(e){ LiveAgent.createButton('71e8b44f', e); });

It is value 71e8b44f

firstName - customer's first name
lastName - customer's last name
phone - customer's phone
email - customer's email
note - note in the beginning of the chat
pt - title (subject) which will be showed in the LiveAgent (If there is set e.g. "test", ENG version will be shown "Chat from test")

Example of the basic call just with widget ID: http://localhost/scripts/inline_chat.php?cwid=71e8b44f

Styling can be done directly in the LiveAgent settings of the chat widget which you are planning to use. You can use your own styles as well. 

How to setup inline chat