1. Create a CNAME record

The CNAME record must point FROM the desired custom domain/subdomain which you wish to use (e.g. TO your LiveAgent account's domain (e.g.

The domain/subdomain you wish to use should be a custom one. It shouldn't be used for your website, since when you park the domain on your LiveAgent account then instead of your website it would show just your LiveAgent.

If you don't know how to set up a CNAME record please consult with your hosting provider and ask them to set it up for you. The goal is to point it from custom domain to LiveAgent.

2. Check whether the CNAME record is already applied

Once the CNAME is set you should make sure that it is already applied and propagated all over the world, it can take up to 24 hours to propagate, although normally it is a matter of minutes. You can check this with some online services like where you simply enter your custom domain/subdomain and hit Search. When you see at all locations your LiveAgent account URL you can proceed with the next step.

Another way of checking is to open the custom domain in your browser and see if it says "Your account has been suspended" message originating from us, when it does, then the CNAME already points to our servers and you can proceed with the next step.

3. Set up your custom domain in your LiveAgent admin panel

Log in to your LiveAgent admin and go to Configuration->System->Domain settings section and insert your custom domain without any protocol to the Custom domain field and click on Save.

If it is saved then within a few minutes your custom domain should display your LiveAgent and can be used normally. From this point on you and all your agents should only be using the custom domain for working with LiveAgent.

If instead if says something like "Could not find CNAME record in domain DNS", then your CNAME for the domain/subdomain you entered isn't set up correctly and you need to go back to step 1.

4. (Optional) Add your SSL certificate

If you wish to have your LiveAgent contact widgets placed on HTTPS secured websites then your LiveAgent must be available via HTTPS as well, so you need to add an SSL certificate for your custom domain/subdomain.

You can use either certificate created directly for the specific subdomain you parked or your top domain's wildcard certificate, of course only if you have one. If you don't know what this means then please approach your hosting provider's support or your server admin.

You need to place the content of your certificate key file into the SSL key field and the content of your actual certificate (and any other intermediary certificates) into the SSL certificate field. If your certificate consists of a longer certificate chain consisting from end-user, intermediary and root certificates then you need to add them one under another in the exact given order.

The SSL certificate gets applied within minutes after saving so you can see if the custom domain/subdomain works with HTTPS protocol without any warning.

Possible problems

during the set up of your custom domain or your own SSL certificate you can face some of the following problems:

"Domain configuration in progress. Please wait..."
Our system is processing your request and you should wait. If you still see this message after 12 hours, please contact us via email or chat and we will solve the issue as soon as possible.

"The custom domain format is invalid"
Double check if your domain is valid. Your domain shouldn't contain any protocol, end slash, page/directory. Here are examples of WRONG inputs:

  • domain
  • .domain
  • domain/agent

"Domain is already used." or "Domain is already used by another account."
The domain you've chosen is already taken by some other customer. You have to specify another one. If you think this is a mistake please contact us.

"Domain is reserved domain." or "Domain can not be used as it is reserved domain."
This message occurs when you try to use as a custom domain or any of these reserved words: localhost, dev, www, ftp, http, https, mailhost, mail, host, api, newweb, static, signup, support, demo, geo, iso, ios, members, addons, qualityunit

"You can not set custom domain to an IP address"
It is not allowed to use IP address as a custom domain, please use 2nd or 3rd level domain instead. 

"Domain name cannot be empty."
Please enter some custom domain and try again.

"Could not find CNAME record in domain DNS targeting '' domain."
This message is just a notification about the fact that your DNS (CNAME) targeting was not set up or applied (propagated over the world) just yet. You can use online tools to check the CNAME record of your custom domain -
If you are sure, that the CNAME is correctly set and it just needs time, then ignore this warning and wait for it to be propagated to our servers.

"You need to fill both certificate fields or none of them."
In case you would like to use SSL certificate for your custom domain make sure to fill both fields (SSL key and SSL Certificate).

"Custom certificate can only be used with custom domain."
If you are not using a custom domain, you do not need to set up SSL certificate. Our cloud accounts are secured and use a shared 'widcard' certificate * from DigiCert certification company.

"Certificate can not be recognized." or "CA bundle can not be recognized."
It is not possible to parse the certificate you entered. You must enter valid x509 certificates.