Lägga till en chattknapp på Facebook

NOTE: Your LiveAgent installation must be available via HTTPS://, because Facebook allows to load external source only through secured links, more exactly from sites that use good quality SSL ceritficates.
Self-signed certificates are not accepted by Facebook.
This is possible only via a special application called "Static HTML: iframe tabs". 
  1. log in to your facebook account by which you manage your facebook pages
  2. go to https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/ and click "Add Static HTML to a Page"
  3. go back to your facebook page (like if you were editing it) and click on the Welcome icon (tab)

  4. In the next screen click Edit Tab and another screen will show up where you can enter the code of chat button (contact form)

    - i.  Insert the chat button (contact form) code. If you want to, in the Settings tab you can even edit the name of the tab
    - ii. Click "Save & Publish"
    - iii. Preview the page (not essential)
    - iv. Click "Done editing tab" and you will be redirected to a page where you get a unique link to the freshly created tab 

    Such a link will redirect the customer to your facebook page, more exactly, to the Welcome 'tab'  (part) of it  that you've created via the "Static HTML" app.