Use mail account's aliases when replying emails from LiveAgent

Companies often have a specific email setup where they have one central inbox with multiple aliases set up which can be emailed and replied and would like to reply as these aliases even from LiveAgent. This doesn't work out of the box in LiveAgent, but it can be quite easily achieved with a specific set up.

Let's say you have your Gmail / G Suite inbox as and you have aliases and In order to be able to receive and reply emails sent to all 3 addresses from the same address which was emailed by the customer you'd need to do these steps:

1. Log in to the Gmail at, click the Gear icon ⚙ in upper right corner, then go to Settings and to the Accounts tab. Here under Send mail as: section you need to click Add another email address and add all your aliases (in our example both and so you can use these to answer the received emails. Here is the Google's guide on how to do this.

2. Set up forwarding from all the accounts/aliases in Gmail/G Suite so that it forwards/resends all the incoming emails to the built in email address of your LiveAgent account. If your LiveAgent account is, then the built in address is but you can double check this under Configuration->Email->Mail accounts section of your LiveAgent admin panel.

3. Create all the aliases as Forwarding mail accounts in your LiveAgent. You'd go to Configuration->Email->Mail accounts->Add email account->Other->Forwarding. Here you'd enter each alias into the Email field and as Send type you'd select SMTP. As the SMTP details you need to use the SMTP details of your Gmail / G Suite inbox so in this case You'd use the same SMTP details for all the Forwarding accounts you create.

Once the accounts are correctly set up and connected LiveAgent will be able to reply the tickets/emails using the same email address from which it fetched the given email.


In case the alias is set as Reply-To header instead of as the From header in the received emails you haven't added the aliases as allowed senders in your inbox which you are connecting or you haven't set up the SMTP using this inbox's credentials.


In case you'll get timeout received or it just hangs please look into Tools->Mail outbox to double check whether the test email was sent or it is stuck in Waiting/Error state with some error message there, usually the SMTP server responds with something useful by the end of the communication log which you should see there.


In case you're using Google's 2 step verification you'll need to use an application specific password and you might also need to enable less secure access for all your GSuite's users. In case that still won't work you can use these steps to try to make it work, always read the Mail outbox for the specific error.